Lease & Rental Program

At CSI, we understand that our client’s equipment needs are unique and specific to their business.  Our Leasing terms are customized and tailored to offer optimal solutions and flexibility on each project and equipment.

Leasing equipment allows you to free up capital to invest in other areas of the project or business.  Our terms are tailored to reflect your project and equipment needs.  Not only does renting free up capital, renting equipment will offer you 30 – 45% lower costs than new equipment. 

Our balanced solutions approach helps our clients manage operational costs, project capital, production requirements, and the life-cycle of projects and equipment.  As your productions needs change, your equipment requirements change as well.  CSI offers flexibility in terms to allow you to upgrade or exchange equipment.

And of course, if you want to outright purchase your equipment, that is an option as well.

Let us work with you to offer solutions to your equipment needs.

 Natural Gas Packages Available:

- 3 x CAT G3306TA 135kW each 480V(405kW) in walk-in style building

- 1 x Cummins 334kw QSK-19G 480v in walk-in style building

- 2 x CAT G3306TA 135kW 480v 270kW in walk-in style building

- 1 x 600kW 480v Waukesha L36 in walk-in style building 

- 1 x 285kW Waukesha F18 480v – in walk-in style building 

- 1 x 334kw Cummins QSK-19G 480v  in walk-in style building 

- 2 x 1475kW 480V CAT XQ1475G in Trailered Sea-Can

Diesels Generators Packages Available

5 x 56kW 480v/208v/120v Trailered Quite Shindaiwa Packages

5 x 36kW 480v/208v/120v  Trailered Quite Shindaiwa Packages

2 x 300kW Cummins NTA855-G2 480v in Heavy Duty Oilfield Skid

2 x 368kW John Deer 480v/208v/120v in skin tight enclosure

3 x 6kW Light towers

2 x 700kW CAT 3412 480v in skin tight enclosure